Revolutionizing Investing: A Look at Freetrade’s Services and Mission



Freetrade is a UK-based brokerage company that was founded in 2016 with a mission to make investing accessible to everyone. The company’s core values include transparency, simplicity, and putting the customer first. Freetrade’s target audience is primarily young investors who are looking to start investing in the stock market but may be intimidated by traditional brokerage firms.

Services Offered

Commission-Free Trading

One of the main services that Freetrade offers is commission-free trading. This means that investors can buy and sell stocks without having to pay any fees or commissions. This is particularly appealing to new investors who may be hesitant to invest due to high fees charged by traditional brokerage firms.

Fractional Shares

Freetrade also offers fractional shares, which allows investors to buy a portion of a stock rather than a whole share. This is beneficial for investors who may not have the funds to purchase an entire share of a high-priced stock but still want to invest in it.

ISA Accounts

Freetrade provides Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) which allow investors to save and invest money without paying taxes on their profits. This is a tax-efficient way for investors to grow their wealth over time.


In conclusion, Freetrade is a brokerage company that is revolutionizing the way people invest in the stock market. With its commission-free trading, fractional shares, and ISA accounts, Freetrade is making investing more accessible and affordable for everyone. If you are a new investor looking to get started in the stock market, Freetrade may be the perfect platform for you.

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